How You Can Always Look Expensive On A Budget

expensive lookMany of us fashionistas dream of an opportunity to rock new outfits every day. And unfortunately, while our style tastes say ‘yes’, our budgets protest with a huge ‘no’.

It can be discouraging when you want to look good but don’t really have a lot of cash to shop as much as you would want. Not everyone can afford to spend thousands on top class bags, shoes and clothes but the truth is that you don’t have to have a lot of coins in your wallet to look dashing.

You just need to learn a few tips and these five fashion guidelines will show you how to look your best on a budget.

Play with natural color:
Bright, over the top colors were tending at some point.
They still look good if you know how to pull them properly but for the most part, they can end up looking tacky.

For a softer, classier look, you should try and work with natural tones. These are earthy tones, neutrals and hues that occur naturally in nature.

For example, instead of going with luminous green pants, swap that for a jungle green or olive. Natural colors have an expensive appeal to them and they will definitely take your style to the next level with minimum effort.

Go to minimalist way:
Less is always better even when it comes to style. It’s great to express yourself by combining multiple pieces in your outfit but if you’re not careful it can look cheap and confusing to the eye.

Unless you’ve mastered how to layer different pieces, you should try and minimize the number of items you have on for a more organized look.

This should also apply to the patterns on your outfits. Ensure you never have too many confusing patterns in your outfit.

Choose classic pieces:
Popular trends aren’t invented to stay for a long time. They come, we embrace them, then let them go within a short time.

If you’re on a budget, you realize that it’s easier on your finances to skip the trends and focus on timeless pieces instead. Some of these popular trendy pieces are very low quality and everyone can recognize that you’re wearing something cheap right away.

Since the main goal is to look expensive, you should focus on having good quality, classic pieces that will save you from the stress of keeping up with the common trends.

Always iron your clothes:
Something as simple as ironing can make you look ten times better. Even when you’re going to the supermarket in a basic outfit, you can still look stunning by ironing your clothes before you leave the house.

If you have clothes that wrinkle too easily, you should consider swapping them for other pieces that won’t make you look untidy.

Pay attention to the details:
Another trick that will help you is checking for things like broken buttons, torn seams, deodorant stains, faded collars and other details that might need some fixing.

Check if any of your items need to be repaired, then you can replace those that are worn out.