moisturize hairDry hair is not a special problem. It can happen in winter-summer anytime. Problems can occur mainly due to a lack of care. Apart from that, there is sun and dust. As pollution increases on all sides, so does the harassment of hair and skin drying out. In such cases, there is no alternative to care. However, in the gaps in the day-to-day arrangements, the care should be taken so that it does not become subject to extra time.

Here are some simple homemade tips to smooth your hair. Apply them and your hair will be soft:

–  Shampoo in cold water. Many people say that shampooing with hot water cleans the hair well. But the hair stays soft in cold water. Bathing in cold water increases blood flow to the hair follicles.

–  Many people say that there is no need to apply hair conditioner separately. But even if you do not use conditioner, you must apply a hair mask. The hair will get overall nutrition. It is very important.

 –  The custom of applying oil to the hair is almost lost. But this habit is bringing danger. There is no such thing as oil to keep hair fresh. There is no better cosmetic. Massage oil into the hair at least once a week. If possible, leave the oil on the head overnight. The hair must be soft. Do not forget to massage the palm of the head while applying the oil.

But those who have oily hair can handle hair in less time without shampooing. Spray dry shampoo on the hair roots. Then rub well on the palm of the head. Incredible results can be obtained. The oily feeling disappears in an instant. The hair will look quite thick. Take a small amount of baby powder by hand and rub it well on the palate. Will work impeccably. The oil will disappear immediately.