4 Fashion tips for a curvy girl if you want to hide your stomach

fashion for cuirvy girlsLOOKING chic and trendy as a plus-sized girl isn’t always easy, especially if you want to cover your stomach.

It seems every top is cropped or skin tight, and that’s not what curvy girls like this fashion pro are looking for.

Luckily, curvy fashion pro Cari Berry shared some of her best tricks and tips for anyone that wants to look stylish but doesn’t want their belly to be on display.

She said: “A lot of women have the insecurity of having any sort of bump in their mid section.”

Cari explained: “I love peplums for apple shape bodies and anyone who’s trying to cover, conceal or camouflage a mid section of any kind.”

The fit and flare nature of peplum tops mean that they highlight the smallest part of your waist and flare out over the part that you want to hide.

If there’s a dress that you love but don’t feel comfortable in because it shows off your stomach, adding an oversized jacket or blazer on top is a great way to keep the same look.

“It helps to case shadows from the light so it kind of helps you create more camouflage for that mid-section are,” Cari said.

Dressed that are elasticated on the waist are both comfortable and and stylish, since they highlight the smallest part of your frame.

Keep and eye out for dresses that skim over your stomach without clinging to your body, these will create a smoother look and detract attention from your belly.

If you love the look of tight jeans but don’t feel comfortable in with without a baggy t-shirt on top, there’s an easy solution.

Tying a plaid shirt around your waist is Cari’s go-to for an effortlessly cool look that also helps hide her insecurities.

She recommended using men’s shirts for the more oversized fit, you could even take on from your boyfriend’s wardrobe.