5 Dressing Style Steps To Find The Perfect Fit For Your Body Type

dressing styleWe all have picked the “perfect dress” off a rack, tried it on and been disappointed and to say that it hasn’t happened to most of us would be a lie. It is no secret that dressing according to our body type has immense value since an ensemble that fits our body like a glove, instantly makes us far more comfortable and confident.

By being fully acquainted with your body structure, flaunting your dream outfit easily becomes a reality. A contemporary yet comfortable apparel that fits our body type goes a long way in making us feel the most confident, bold and classy version of ourselves.

So, how do you get started on finding the perfect (out) fit for your body type? Asserting that it is essential to know our body type in order to find the perfect fit, Purvi Rohit Pugalia, Co-Founder of Not So Pink, listed the following fashion tips to sort our dressing style woes.

1. The Shape – Get yourself in front of a large mirror and understand if you are curvy with a defined waist (apple- shaped), or if you have a straighter build (rectangle), if your hips are broader than your shoulders (pear-shaped), or if they are fairly balanced (hourglass). Knowing this will help you move to the next steps and learn how to best dress for your body type.

2. The Material – Choosing fabrics as per body type is just as important as the outfit itself. Fabrics can draw or divert attention from certain body parts. Choose cotton instead of wool and chunky knits, as they can make the upper body look bulky on a pear-shaped figure. Spandex and leather are great for having hourglass curves on full display. Satin and silk skim the rectangular body, and shiny and clingy fabrics lack the generous amount of stretch needed for apple-shaped bodies.

3. The Patterns – Patterns and prints can throw the outfit off-balance. Bold prints fit perfectly for the upper half of pear-shaped bodies, and busier patterns must be avoided for bottoms in an hourglass body type. Prints and patterns in subdued colours are perfect for apple body shapes, and bright coloured prints are much needed to give the rectangular shape a curvier appearance.

4. The Colours – Colours provide a significant broadening or slimming effect. The apple shapes can keep darker colours on the bottom to instantly slimming down the curves and pair it with brighter colours on top. If you have a pear-shaped body type, choose darker hues for the rear, hip, and thigh areas. Hourglass women may steer clear of light shades on the bottom half of their bodies as they could make them appear larger.

5. The Accessories – Choose accessories to draw attention to your best features. Scarves accentuate your neckline. For pear-shaped women, heels work best as they elongate the legs. Tie-in tops are every hourglass-figured girl’s favourite and low-slung belts add needed mass and bulk to rectangle-shaped bodies.

These guidelines for finding the perfect fit are just a scratch for understanding the basics. Most women are a combination of these body types and it is all about mixing and matching until you find what suits you.

source: hindustantimes.com