10 Easy To Implement Summer Beauty Tips

summer beauty tips

We have collected our top 10 favorite beauty tips that you can easily adopt this summer. These tips will keep you healthy, active and looking good.

1. Become A Morning Person

Okay, I hear you saying, “easier said than done”. But this change is really worth trying. You will get the benefit of cooler mornings that will allow you to be outside longer without being uncomfortable. Getting up earlier will also make your days so much longer and productive. The summer long bright evenings can be extended with a longer bright, cooler morning. Early mornings are my personal favorites. Less people, traffic, commotion and heat. Getting up and out early can sometimes feel like you have the world to yourself.

2. Stay Hydrated

This one seems obvious but many people forget about it. You’r body is made of 60-55% water (Adult Male/Adult Female) and the proper water balance keeps you stable and healthy. You lose body water when you sweat which can lead to dehydration. Dehydration is when you mess up your electrolyte balance which can lead to loss of strength, stamina and possible heat exhaustion. It’s important to stay hydrated since if the condition is chronic you can cause damage to your kidney function. Water is always good to drink but I have also recently begun drinking sports drinks during active outdoor days.

3. Use Sunscreen Every Day

You may think you don’t need it on days you’re inside but you really should get in the habit of using it every day. I recently found Tinted elta MD Broad Spectrum SPF 46 and wear it every day. It provides excellent sun protection but also has a tint to it so you can wear it without makeup or layer makeup over it.

4. Pamper Your Feet While You Sleep

Summer heat and activity can actually be very hard on your feet. The hot sand, ill fitting sandals, pool chlorine and barefoot moments can make your feet dry and damaged. Try nourishing your feet with Vaseline or Aquaphor Healing Ointment and a pair of lightweight socks while you sleep. Doing this a couple of nights a week will leave your feel soft and healthy.

5. Skip The Hair Dryer

Give your hair a break this summer by air drying it. Natural hair texture is on trend so give it a try. If you want your curls to shine or you seek a straighter texture add a lotion or gel to damp hair while it dries.

6. Try A No Makeup Day

This is just what it sounds like. I know it may seem too bold but skipping makeup for the day or applying only minimal makeup provides a nice break for your skin. I like to wear a tinted sunscreen, apply a light powder bronzer on parts of my face and then just do my brows. Since I have a little bit of color from the sun, this look can take me to work or the gym.

7. Protect Your Face & Hair From Sun

Try to find a hat that you really enjoy wearing and use it. If your like me, you  love to be outside but don’t want the skin damage the sun can bring. I rotate a few hats around but my favorite is a canvas safari hat . I can roll this up and bring it with me and it allows me to pull my hair up while shading my face just enough. Many new hats come with SPF treatment.

8. Get That “Glowing Skin” Look

There are hundreds of ways and products that can create that dewy, glowing skin look. We prefer a really simple way which involves the use of your existing beauty products. Simply add a few drops of your favorite beauty oil to your foundation, mix and apply. If you don’t have a beauty oil we recommend our SHINE brightening Facial Oil.

9. Wet Your Hair Before Jumping Into The Pool

Wet your hair before you get into a chlorinated pool. Dry hair can soaks up chlorine and other chemicals that your pool may have. Wetting your hair first will help it to stay healthier, and help to protect your color from fading.

10. Take A Cool Shower

I LOVE a not shower so this change took me some time to appreciate but taking a tepid shower makes a huge difference. It’s easier on your skin, scalp and hair and can also be refreshing. I have made this change a permanent part of my summer regime. Give it a try, I think you’’ll like it!

That’s it! By integrating a few subtle changes you can look and feel your best this summer.


source: blog.amaliebeauty.com/